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    Bird Sanctuary Plettenbergbay

    RADICAL RAPTORS is a rehabilitation centre in Plettenbergbay, Garden Route that aims at community awareness, and the rescue, rehabilitation and release of birds of prey.
    The word raptor is derived from the Latin raptare, meaning ‘to seize’ and used to refer to a group of birds who hunt for meat. They have powerful talons and beaks for tearing flesh as well as amazing eyesight for hunting.

    JF blackeagle 2
    Chemicals, poisons, manmade structures and humans cause harm to these beautiful creatures. Many times, they are shot for killing livestock when in fact they were just eating from the carcass.

    Birds that have been hand raised will be kept at bird sanctuary for educational and eco-tourism programmes as they will not breed naturally in the wild. However, many raptors are rehabilitated using falconry techniques and after being weighed and measured released back into nature.
    There are numerous birds, some with pet names. Bj is a Cape Vulture, Bella, a Verreaux Eagle, Angie, a peregrine falcon, Milly, a Lanner Falcon and Buzz is a common buzzard – just to name a few.

    peregrine falcon
    This is a fun and educational visit for the kids; the facilities are well priced and professionally run and the guides are informative and very passionate.
    Flying displays are held every day except Mondays. This is a great opportunity to witness these magnificent birds in natural surroundings. You might even have the chance for a bird to land on you (gloved) hand!

    JH crowd show