• Discovering Knysna – Knysna Hiking Trail

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    Kranshoek Knysna Hiking trail

    The Knysna Hiking trail is the best of both worlds with forest, river, sea and boulder beach, The Kranshoek trail is a challenging but beautiful hike.

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    The path begins in the forest, winding steeping down into the gorge. With the aid of man made steps, this part is not as tricky as it could have been.

    Down at the bottom, the river has drinkable cola coloured water and a steady stream that travels over the rock beds. The path crosses over the river quite a few times and we found it quite pleasant to cool ourselves down with a splash of water.

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    We saw many beautiful birds and heard      both the Knysna Loerie and baboons barking in the close vicinity. Up till this point the biggest challenge was dodging the numerous spiderwebs on the trail. If you are walking first, a big stick or ‘web catcher’ is a must!

    The path catches you by surprise and comes out quite suddenly onto a boulder or pebble beach. What a magnificent sight. The cliffs and rock structures are absolutely amazing. The walk across the beach is a little tricky so we took it a little slower and stopped once or twice for a dip in the rock pools.

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    At this point you can choose to take the longer route to the end of the beach and end the walk through the plantation or to take the short cut with a very strenuous uphill walk. Once at the top again, there is a lovely picnic spot under the trees.

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    This Knysna Hiking trail will take approximately 3-4 hours and is 9.4km long. The fee is R17 per person which can be paid at the entrance boom.

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