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    Township Tours Knysna

    Meet local people, learn about township and Rastafarian life in all its vibrant and colourful culture with township tours.

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    There are a few cultural township tours available in Knysna which include guided village walks, hikes, forest walks and over-night stays. You will hear amazing storytelling, taste authentic African food and learn local crafts and skills.

    Join the locals in a dance around the fire, enjoy the drumming rhythm and take a ride on a donkey cart.  There are so many different aspects of this community to experience, like tasting a roosterkoek on the on the upper deck of a modified RDP house or taking a wild ride in a local taxi!

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    As so well put on the Living local website; “You cannot call a quick drive through the township a cultural experience – you have to participate and not just be a spectator.”

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    Visit http://www.knysnalivinglocal.co.za for information, contact numbers and pricelists.

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